About Me

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Hey there, friend!

I’m Shelby Wildgust. I’m a Philly Native, and with that comes a whole LOT – I’m spunky, passionate, and throw out the occasional F-bomb. I love the outdoors, and will almost always say YES to an adventure that involves climbing up or skiing down a mountain. And you can usually catch me at happy hour sippin’ on a chilled glass of rosé.

As for the more professional side of me (which is probably what landed you on this page), I am obsessed with exploring what motivates people, ESPECIALLY young women, and ESPECIALLY young women who are climbing the corporate ladder. I’m a firm believer that success is an ‘inside job’ and to truly reach our professional potential, we must first work on our personal development – because let’s be honest, all the money and the accolades don’t matter if we’re not at peace with WHO we ARE.

My goal in life is to bring amazing women together – gone are the days of cliques and the ‘in-crowd’ – now is the time to hone our desire of inclusion and open-mindedness. I find that the real magic comes when women from all different backgrounds are brought together to learn, grow, and create bonds with one another.

I’m a multi-passionate human being, and pour my heart & energy into quite a few different things. While all of my endeavors are seemingly very different from the outside P.O.V., the common thread remains the same: I build communities of young people by connecting like-minded, ambitious individuals together with the goal of amplifying the epic potential of their future by fostering & facilitating collaboration, networking & celebration opportunities.

All in all, I’m simply a woman with a big vision for the future, and a very, very strong desire to help others. I’m a daughter, I’m a sister, I’m a girlfriend, and I’m a friend. I’m just like you – so let’s connect and see what I can do for you.